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One Season of Lovely, the novel.

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Every family has its share of drama - but this one is overloaded! 

At this small farming town of Lovely, Kentucky, there are dangerous secrets. And unless buried truths are revealed, destruction could lie in wait for unsuspecting freelance journalist, LaRetha Greer, and possibly for the entire town!

 Grief and a need for spiritual renewal inspire LaRetha, our recently divorced heroine, to move from her comfortable life in Atlanta, back to the beautiful town of Lovely where she was born and that she recently inherits. And all is blissful - for a while. That soon changes. Someone wants her off the farm and out of Lovely, for good! And in order to survive, she must find out who. And why!

 It is a season of romance, but also of deception, arson and murder. And blaming fingers are all pointing in one direction - at LaRetha! While in the midst of this tremendous battle for her life and legacy, she must reveal the facts. Who is the farm's rightful heir? Who is truly sincere about their feelings for her? Most of all, who, in this tremendous fight for survival, can she really trust?

 In this small town with its history of greed and growing family divisions, she digs for truths, which she soon learns are far from pretty. Only by faith, love and determination can LaRetha be delivered from the terrible fate that is planned for her in Lovely! And only by a miracle will the town survive, as well!  

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What a Great Read in Any Season!  A Romance Suspense Novel featuring LaRetha Greer, freelance journalist from Atlanta who uncovers more than she bargained for when trying to fulfill her destiny.

A Great Gift for Men and Women of all Ages!

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